Steel Hammer Roofing & Construction

Residential Roofing

Roofing Company with Financing

When it comes to residential roofing we understand many homeowners need a roof in order to get homeowners insurance. Not the other way around. That is why we are here for you. If you need a new roof that is not covered by insurance, let us offer you a way to get your roof now and pay later.


Not only are we a licensed and insured Roofing Contractor, we are also a licensed and insured General Contractor. If you have been hesitant to call a roofing company due to the extra repairs that might be involved, we can help with that headache. Instead of using multiple companies, hiring Steel Hammer Roofing and Construction means:

  • One Invoice
  • One Company
  • One Job Schedule
  • One Contact Person
  • One Great Experience

We Can Finance Your New Roof

If insurance isn't paying for your roof that leaves the bill up to you. Feel confident with our financing and get your roof replaced before it gets worse.


We can give you a precise quote to strip off and replace your shingle roof right over the phone. Not only can we provide an instant quote, we can offer financing for your new shingle roof installation. As a Certified General Contractor, we are able to help with structural repairs to make your new shingle roof last as long as possible. If you need a new roof don’t wait for it to get worse, let us finance it for you and pay later!


If you are searching for the price of a metal roof let us help. With the rate of material changes and labor changes, we are able to give you a realistic, up to date quote within just a few minutes over the phone or give us a little bit longer if you send us an email. We just need your address and a way to get in touch with you in order to give you an instant quote.


With many Spanish style homes on the Space Coast we are well experienced in barrel tile roofing sometimes called Spanish Roof Tile in Ludowici’s product line. Even though clay tiles are very eco-friendly made from natural materials, they are prone to break easily. If you have a clay tile roof and want to keep the same look, concrete tiles give the same aesthetic look while giving long term durability. Let us check to make sure these heavy tiles are a good fit for your home. As a certified General Contractor, we can give you an honest inspection with pro’s and con’s for you to consider when adding a new concrete tile roof.


From mobile homes to restaurant roofing, we are very experienced in flat roof replacement, repair and installation. We have installed black-top based Modified Bitumen, Single-Ply roofing like EPDM, TPO & PVC, and more. Let us offer you a free quote over the phone.

Blown-in Insulation Systems

Are you having trouble cooling your home in the summer afternoons? Sometimes you simply need new blown-in insulation. A new layer of attic insulation can lower your electric bill and help keep your house at a comfortable temperature.