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Commercial Roofing Contractor & Certified General Contractor

Commercial contracts are no stranger to Steel Hammer Roofing and Construction. As you know, with many moving parts it is important to find a company that is excellent in communication and project management so that the job gets done on time and within the estimated budget.

2-Ply SBS Roof System

Between two layers of rubberized asphalt, there is a reinforcing mat of material that increases the durability and water tight bond of your flat roof. This method involves inspecting and removing the current surface, prep and then “torching” on the new 2-ply SBS roof material. It is extremely durable and relatively fast to install. This seals your flat roof leaving no gaps between the layers.

TPO Roofs - Bright White Flat Roofing

TPO, Single-ply roofing is one of the most popular commercial roofing systems on the market. This “Thermoplastic Polyolefin” material stands up to tears, puncture holes and dirt buildup. The thickness varies and we can adjust for your specific property needs. Most of the materials for TPO roofing range between 45-80+ mil. Usually the thicker-mil options come with 25 year warranties and have lasted 30 years on some buildings. The bright white makes it the best energy saving for UV reflection in the summer.

SPF Roofing - Spray Polyurethane Foam

SPF roofing is the method of spraying a liquid chemical compound as the base of your adhered flat roof system. Why is this important? Unlike TPO and 2-Ply SBS; spraying your flat roof surface can effectively seal tight spaces, awkward ventilation shapes and areas around drainage systems. If you have had problems with leakage around these spaces in the past, this might be your solution! For an added bit of comfort, after the roof has been covered in SPF, a protective layer is installed to further protect against sun, rain, hail and hurricane winds.

Single Ply Roofing

Unlike 2-ply torching, techniques using hot asphalt and hot air guns; there are some Single Ply roofing options that use less equipment. One of those is EDPM, a great rubber roofing option for smaller warehouses, barns, and offices. It is a more economical option than a TPO Roofing System but not as great of an energy saver. If you need to save money, EDPM can do that for you.