Steel Hammer Roofing & Construction


Let's work together

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a quality finished project using industry leading products. Becoming a trade partner allows exclusive access to upcoming bid opportunities in Residential, Commercial, and Government sectors.

 You’ll need the following information and documents before you begin the pre-qualification submission:

  • W9
  • License information
  • Portfolio of previous work
  • Payroll
  • Company contact information
  • Work locations
  • Completed project references
  • Most recent year-end financial statement
  • QA/QC policies
  • Sample insurance certifications
  • Letter of bondability
  • Bonding rate

Why do I have to prequalify?


Prequalification helps us better understand your business so that you get invited to bid work that is well suited to your firm’s operational capabilities and capacity. It also protects the procurement process and our bidders by ensuring all bids are evaluated against qualified and well-equipped sources.

As a result of our prequalification process, you can look forward to working alongside other safe, reliable and professional trade partners when you win work with us.

Please attach files below and fill out form to begin the pre-qualification process.